Audubon Elementary School Class of 1977
Holiday Get-Together

Home Run Inn
December 2002

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(All photos courtesy of Dancy Bateman. Click on photo for larger version.)

Kathy and Dancy

Chris Southard (center) with friend and Brenda

Viv and Ed

Dancy, Viv, Randa, and Rick

Marco Rendon and family

Randa and Bruce

The Group

Frank, Tish, and Andy

Rick (center) with the Upchurchs

Janice, Mary, Jack, Peggy, Rick, Lane, Chet, with Brenda and Ed in foreground

Tish, Liz, and Marco

Mary Nilles w/ Secret Santa gift!

Jack and Janice

Ed and Kathy

Chet and Allison
Viv, Kathy, Dancy, and Janice

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