Audubon Elementary School Class of 1977
Graduation Day

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Rustine Foley (Courtesy Cheryl)

Dee Dee Duncan and Sheila Clark (Courtesy Cheryl)

Rumela Camanga, Kevin Friedrich, Helen Kim, Luis Diaz, Vera Ogle, Steven Giltner, Richard Nilles, and Bruce Neely (Courtesy Cindy)

Janice Wulf (Courtesy Janice)

Steven Giltner and Luis Diaz (Courtesy Cindy)

Donna Morris and Arturo Castro (Courtesy Vicki)

Vicki Maples and Donna Morris (Courtesy Vicki)

Peggy Dixon and Mrs. Lawrence (Courtesy Peggy)

Peggy and Steven (Courtesy Peggy)

Peggy and Vinny Poliszczuk (Courtesy Peggy)

Peggy and Richard (Courtesy Peggy)

Marlana "Ely" Hedrick and Bruce (Courtesy Ely)

Ely with Kevin (Courtesy Ely)

Ely and Dr. Richards (Courtesy Ely)

Janice Wulf and John Pelican (Courtesy Ely)

Mary Krone (Courtesy Mary)

Vicky Gray and James Clancy (Courtesy Ely)

Ely and Steven (Courtesy Ely)

Ellen "Lee Lee" Townsend and Bruce Neely (Courtesy Ely)

Lisa Dzurnik (Courtesy Lisa)

Peggy and Mary (Courtesy Mary)

Steven and Mary (Courtesy Mary)

Mary with the Dee Dee's, Doner and Duncan (Courtesy Mary)

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