Audubon Elementary School Class of 1977

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Tok Kim, Arturo Castro, Steven Giltner, Bob Oznoff, Jim Federici, Kevin Friedrich, Chester Lichon, Bruce Neely, and in the back are Richard Nilles and Jurgen Gregus. (Courtesy Cindy)

Helen Kim, Rumela Camanga, Mary Krone, Mona Wilson, Tina Nedohin, Lori Webber, Vivian Anton, and guys in the back include Oznoff, Chester, Arturo, and Bruce. (Courtesy Cindy)

Kevin and Chester impersonating KISS maybe? (Courtesy Cindy)

Vicki Maples, Room 203 (Courtesy Vicki)

Rumela Camanga slices her birthday cake. (Courtesy Vicki)

Mona Wilson, Mary Krone, Tina Nedohin, Peggy Dixon, and Janice Wulf (Courtesy Mary)

Karen Slauenwhite's surprise 12th birthday party! Seated, L-R are: Janice Wulf, Mary Krone, Tina Nedohin , Karen, Sofia Drivalas, Dawn Eyers, Mona Wilson, and Randa Zanayed; standing in the back are Karen's non-Audubon friends Kathy Zinck and Michelle Rodriguez. (Courtesy Karen S.)

Guests toastingKaren, the birthday girl, are Sophia Drivalas, Randa Zanayed, Tina Nedohin, and Mary Krone. (Courtesy Karen S.)

Debbie Stapleton and Vicky Gray (Courtesy Tisha)

Ms. Carol Miller (Courtesy Lisa)

Lisa Dzurnik (Courtesy Lisa)

Sandy Mylander (Courtesy Lisa)

Kindergarten '68 with Janice Wulf (left) and Karen Slauenwhite (right). (Courtesy Karen S.)

Picnic: Dancy Bateman and Kathy Fogl ('77)


Springfield: Bruce Neely, ----, Fred Schall, Tony Cho, Ed Bernardino, and Andrew Bae ('77)

Ed and Andrew

Fred, Ed, and Andrew

Springfield: Rumela, Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Lawrence, and Bruce Neely (Courtesy Lisa)

Terri Sweat and Vicki Maples (Courtesy Lisa)

Kathy Barnum and Eugene --- (Courtesy Lisa)

Sandy, Julie Shambeck, Lisa Parker and Colleen Volmer (Courtesy Lisa)

Kathy --- and Dee Dee Duncan (Courtesy Lisa)

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