Audubon Elementary School Class of 1977
Snapshots 2

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Ely Hendricks with a new haircut! (Courtesy Vicki)

Mona with her teddy bear! (Courtesy Karen S.)

Kimberly Dicken, Sheila Clark, and Cheryl Burns (1978, Courtesy Cheryl)

Janice Wulf and Tina Nedohin with Peggy Dixon in back. (Courtesy Janice)

Peggy and Janice (Courtesy Janice)

Janice and Tina (Courtesy Janice)

Karen Slauenwhite at the bowling alley (Courtesy Mona)

Mary at Vivian's sleepover (Courtesy Janice)

Luis Diaz and Steven Giltner (Courtesy Janice)

Costume Party: Peggy (as a ghost), Mona, Shannon, and Mary (Courtesy Janice)

Mary, Mona, and Shannon (Courtesy Janice)

Mary Krone and Janice (Courtesy Janice)

Mary and Sophia Drivalas (Courtesy Janice)

Luis, Jurgen, and Steven in Washington, DC (Courtesy Janice)

Standing: Jim Federici, Robert Oznoff, Mona Wilson, Luis Diaz, and Jurgen Gregus. Front Row: Kevin Friderich, Steven Giltner, Sophia Drivalas, Denise Doner, Janice Wulf, Richard Nilles, Fred Schall, Mary Krone, Vivian Anton, Jim Demas, and Tony Cho (Courtesy Janice)

Denise Doner and Randa Zanayed (Courtesy Mona)

Jim Federici (Courtesy Mona)

Karen S. and Mona (Courtesy Mona)

Tammy Paulsen, Mona, and Sophia Drivalas (Courtesy Mona)

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