Audubon Elementary School Class of 1977
Snapshots 3

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All photos courtesy of Karen S.
(Click on photo to view larger version.)

Little Karen Slauenwhite's first day at Audubon, September 1968.

Pink bunnies Karen S. and Janice Wulf make their debut on the stage of the Vienna School of Music and Dance at Roscoe Avenue in 1968.

Karen S. in her tutu and Cindy Karlic with some big frou-frou pink thing on her head!

Lisa Parker (in yellow) strikes a pose!

Scouts Lisa Parker (left in yellow) and Karen S. (right in red).

Karen S. (left) and Lisa Parker (right) with fellow scouts Kathy Zinck and Linda Parker.

Karen S. (in red) and Lisa Parker (in yellow) at the picnic table.

Girl scouts actually making cookies? Lisa Parker and Karen S. with Kathy Zinck and Linda Parker.

Girl scouts on ice! Lisa Parker (4th from left) and Karen S. (2nd from left) with her mom (3rd from right), the assistant scout leader.

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