Audubon Elementary School Class of 1977

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Cheryl Burns and husband Bob (Courtesy Cheryl)

Cheryl Burns' husband Bob and son Eric (Courtesy Cheryl)

Janice Wulf Ruth and son Kyle (seated) with her fiancÚ George and his son Georgie. (Courtesy Janice)

Vicki Maples and husband BJ Gyselink (Courtesy Vicki)

Left photo: The Moore Family, Mona Wilson and hubby George with their kids! Says Mona: "From left to right, Sable, Trump, Tears, Sharkey, (under legs) Bea, Thief, Renegade, Buster, Kellogg and Ruger! We look terrible, the kids look GREYT!!! You should see my driver's license....yuck!" (Courtesy Mona)

Karen Slauenwhite and husband Dan Burke celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary. (Courtesy Karen S.)

Peggy Dixon and a friend, just a friend (Courtesy Peggy)

Tina Nedohin Ruth and husband Ken in Hawaii (Courtesy Tina)

Tina Nedohin Ruth (Courtesy Tina)

Lisa Dzurnik-Parks and husband Bobby (Courtesy Lisa)

Lisa and the Family (Courtesy Lisa)

Lisa and her boys Joey (10) and Bobby (16) (Courtesy Lisa)

Vivian Anton-Brooker (Courtesy Vivian)

Dancy Bateman and Max (Courtesy Dancy)

Rustine Foley (Courtesy Peggy)

Vinny Poliszczuk and Vivian (Courtesy Peggy)

Vinny and wife Linda (Courtesy Peggy)

Mary Krone and Vinny in his Karaoke get-up. (Courtesy Peggy)

Tisha and Sandy Mylander (Courtesy Peggy)

Janice Wulf, Peggy Dixon, Mary Kronw, and Tina Nedohin (Courtesy Peggy)

Sandy and Peggy (Courtesy Peggy)

Jim Demas, center, directs his cast in a scene for the independent film "Harbored Thoughts".

Director Jim, front and center, happily surrounded by his production crew.

Cover and poster art for Jim's film.
Photos below are from the Lane Tech Class of '81 20th Year Reunion (August 2001). More photos at

Ed Bernardino and Luis Diaz with fellow Lane Alum Maggie Arguelles

Luis and Jim Federici

Luis, Jim, and Ed

Kevin Friedrich and wife Anette

Kevin Friedrich and wife Anette

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