Audubon Elementary School Class of 1977

March 23, 2002, Chicago, IL

(All photos courtesy of Dancy Bateman. Click on photo for larger version.)

Standing are Lisa P., Mary, Ely, Vivian, Kevin, Maria, Peggy, Dancy, Kathy, Janice, Karen G., Lisa D., and kneeling are Rick, Jack, and Luis.

Standing are Dancy, Kathy, Tish, Lisa D., Lisa P., Sandy, Mary, Lynda, Rustine, Ely, Maria, and at front are Vivian, Peggy, Cheryl, and Janice.

Dancy, Peggy, and Janice

Jack and Peggy

Peggy, Mary, Dancy, Janice, and Cheryl

Janice, Jack, Dancy

Bruce, Lisa P., Andy, and Lynda

Rustine, Rick, Vivian, and Lisa D.

Cheryl, Tish, and Ely

Lane and Vivian

Kathy and Dancy with Dancy's boyfriend Don.

Mary and husband Biff Krone (far right) with Janice's fiancÚ George Pooh (center).

The Poohs: Jannie-Pooh and Jackie-Pooh

Luis and Rick

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