Audubon Elementary School Class of 1977
Open House Visit

May 1, 2002, Chicago, IL

(Click on photo for larger version.)

A banner welcomes Audubon guests and alumni. (Courtesy Lisa P.)

Ms. Taylor (center), Ely Hedrick, Janice Wulf, Mary Krone and daughter Jamie. (Courtesy Ely)

Brenda Schrader (Courtesy Ely)

Cheryl Burns, Brenda Schrader, Ely Hedrick, and Lisa Parker (Courtesy Ely)

(Courtesy Lisa P.)

(Courtesy Lisa P.)

Vicki Maples in the Library (Courtesy Ely)

Ms. Taylor and Lisa P. (Courtesy Lisa P.)

Brenda and Cheryl hold the Audubon flag. (Courtesy Lisa P.)

Room 101, Mrs. Lawrence's (Courtesy Ely)

The School Office (Courtesy Ely)

The Gym (Courtesy Ely)

The Gym/Stage (Courtesy Ely)

Playground/parking lot (Courtesy Ely)

Playground (Courtesy Ely)
Disneyland (Courtesy Ely)

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